As the title says – hello!

Last year I created a personal blog under the same name, however I quickly abandoned it as I lost inspiration! Now that a year has passed and so much has happened, I wanted to start afresh at this blogging malarkey. I thought, “now’s a better time than any!”

This summer I need to do my UCAS application for university, but other than that I know I need to keep my brain busy. Otherwise, I’ll be spending the rest of my summer sat in bed watching Netflix. (I’ll probably be doing that anyway, this just breaks it up a bit!).

In my first post in my previous blog, I talk of how I was making 2 changes in my life. The first was creating this blog (fail). The second one was joining the gym (fail #2). I then went on to talk about how I was getting ready to start a new course at my local college. Those things are old news now.

I’ve recently completed my first year of BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care with top grades and I’m extremely proud of myself. In my old blog I speak of how nervous I was to start as I knew nothing about the course or what to expect. Now, a year on, I can’t even remember what that felt like. I have made some amazing friends and been given the most amazing opportunities throughout my first year and I can’t wait for this to continue into my second year. I will do a separate blog post about my college experiences!
As you can probably tell,  I’m not brilliant at writing but I know I will progress and post more and then that’ll all get better! I think this is all I have to say for now, just a little starter for this blog. I’m not sure about the name, that might change, it might not.

  • Things to expect in my blog posts:
  • My gorgeous boyfriend, Jack. He lives 200 miles down south and we don’t get to see each other very often.
  • My cats. I have 2 cats named Bertie and Bea. They are brother and sister and when we got them they were feral but they have progressed a lot in terms of socializing with us and I’m sure they’ll feature a lot on here!
  • My college and university progress. A lot of exciting things will be happening over the next couple of years!
  • Various life updates.
  • Beauty and fashion.

But for now I have nothing more to say, I’ll write again soon…

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