A Trip to the Our Cow Molly Farm

Hidden away in the outskirts of Sheffield is a little family run farm that goes by the name of “Our Cow Molly”. It’s a hidden gem here and one of my favourite ones too. The reason for this is 2 words: Ice. Cream.

Today was the last day I’ll see my boyfriend for the next few weeks so I decided to introduce him to this little farm and treat ourselves to some ice cream while we were there. It’s a quaint little place in High Bradfield in Sheffield which houses cows and sheep and is primarily a dairy farm. It’s main attraction, however, is the ice cream. My mum and I have been visiting for years and you just can’t beat their ice cream and other dairy products. It’s so rich and creamy and they have all different flavours from “Just Molly” – a plain cream one – to Ferrero Rocher and more!

In the shop, they change the available flavours everyday and if they don’t have the one you want then they’re bound to have a big tub of it in the freezer for you to take home. They also have the best butters, creams and milks. Don’t worry, there’s also the option of sorbets if you can’t have dairy produce.

My flavo13702342_10206777642142581_53095749_ours of choice (yes more than one!) were Mojito Sorbet and Mango and Coconut Ice Cream. They. Were. Divine. They were the perfect combination of tastes and I felt like I was back on holiday! My boyfriend wanted Honeycomb but they had run out so he had a cone of Mint Choc Chip and Just Molly. My mum then had one scoop of Ferrero Rocher and one of “St. Clements” – an orange and lemon curd flavoured one.

I love how they’re never too sweet or artificial and you never feel too guilty for eating it because you know it’s locally sourced produce and you’re supporting a local business! They must have done well today as we were queuing for 20 minutes, I’ve never seen it so busy! Then I remembered it was the first day of the summer holidays for everyone else.13702275_10206777641782572_821835897_o

We also visited the gorgeous newborn calves on the farm. They were adorable! The youngest one was called Jake and he was only 2 weeks old. The oldest was called Poppy and she was still only 3 weeks old and munched on my hand.

If you’re ever in Sheffield, or you live here and have never been, get yourself to the farm! It’s about 15-20 minute drive from the City Centre and it’s so worth it. Also, there’s one of the elephants from
the “Herd of Sheffield” up there. This is a trail of painted elephants (not real ones!!) going on around Sheffield until October that is raising money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Definitely check that out too if you’re here during the summer!

You can also buy the ice cream in tubs in local delicatessens around Sheffield if you can’t get to the farm! Believe me, it’s worth it.






2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Our Cow Molly Farm

  1. Eddie says:

    What an amazing blog about us, thanks so much !.
    It was crazy busy today we roped in my mum & wife to help so there was 5 of us frantically scooping as fast as we could, I guess that’s the benifit of a family farm there’s always someone about you can grab.

    Liked by 1 person

    • agirlfromsheffield says:

      You’re very welcome! I’ll always support your business! We even have to take 2 tubs of ice cream all the way to Whitby whenever we see my grandad cos he missed Our Cow Molly ice cream now he’s moved – or “Molly Moo” as he calls it!
      Well done on managing to cope with the crowds today 🙂


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