As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the city of Sheffield has been taken over by a herd of elephants – yes, elephants!

From now until the 5th October, there are 58 elephants all around the city to be found. Each of which has been hand painted by local artists and most of them are Sheffield themed! For instance, there is an elephant painted with the “AM” album cover and another with famous Sheffield faces painted on.

It’s reminiscent of similar projects that have been in place across the country over the years. I remember visiting Liverpool in 2008 and seeing the trail of “Lambananas” around the city there. In 2013, I found a few painted Gromits in Bristol and I think Birmingham has done something similar too with painted bulls.

The majority can be found in the central areas of the city but as we found yesterday, there are some on the outskirts too! This includes; Forge Dam park, Hillsborough Park, Crystal Peaks and more!

Today I ventured around the City Centre and found 21 in total. There were loads more to see but I was hungry and it’s a hot day!

I think this is such a good summer holiday activity, for all ages! My mum and I are determined to find all of them together before September!

There’s more information online HERE. You can also print off a map of the trail and a list of all the elephants.

Happy hunting!






2 thoughts on “#HerdOfSheffield

  1. alicegibbs says:

    These are so cool! My other half goes to uni in sheffield and we make the big move together to live there in the Spring 🙂 I’d love to chat to you about the city sometime as, although I love it, I’m super nervous, haha!

    That said, we have to go up soon as I NEED to do this trail 🙂

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    Liked by 1 person

    • agirlfromsheffield says:

      Ah fab! Sheffield is a lovely place to live, feel free to ask me anything you want to know about the city, I’ve been here all my life! You can DM me on Twitter if you like? The trail is a must!! A great way to see more of the city too x


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